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The Pet City Family

Our staff at Pet City of Fort Collins are knowledgeable, eager to help, and above all, passionate about animals! Meet our staff:



Kären is the co-manager here at Pet City. Her pets growing up were named Catnip and Bimo. She now has a crew of four dogs, Fiona the Whoodle, Simon the Morkie, Genevieve the Cocker Spaniel and Nyx the Poodle as well as one indoor cat and 2 barn cats. A Fort Collins native, it’s no surprise that Kären enjoys being outdoors, whether she’s camping, hiking, or spending time on her deck. She also enjoys spending time with her family and reading and hopes to one day work just 40 hours a week!



Erin is our co-manager here at Pet City. She’s worked here for 18 years and loves being able to pair families with the right pets and make sure our animals are healthy. She has four dogs from Pet City who are kept company by another dogs, multiple horses, multiple cows, three cats, and a Red Niger Uromastyx! Originally from Central City, CO, Erin’s interests outside of work include rodeo, skiing, basketball, spending time with friends and family, and watching the Broncos and the Avalanche. In the future, Erin hopes to continue working with animals as a veterinarian or at an equine rehabilitation facility after college.



Originally from Colorado Springs, Janet has been working at Pet City for 19 years. Her amazing amount of experience helps her do what she loves best: making a difference in animals’ lives. Outside of work, she loves animals, music, and both comedy and horror movies. In the future, Janet hopes to go back to school. In the meantime she is busy taking care of her 14 year old cat and two former Pet City puppies, 9 year old Mimi and 3 year old Augie. She has grown up with animals all her life and her favorite pet was a Cocker Spaniel named Patty.



Seras is a Pet City team member with a wide range of pet experience. She grew up with two dogs, a cat, as well as snakes, lizards, frogs, and tarantulas, and currently has a Bearded Dragon named Trillian. Here at Pet City, Seras loves sending puppies home with good families, and being in an environment of love, positivity, and happy puppies! She also enjoys biking, hiking, and backpacking outside of work. Seras' future plans include finishing her education in Wildlife Biology, and working in the field with animals.



Emily gained her love for dogs while growing up in South Dakota, where she grew up with four different dogs. She now cares for Nilla, her lone animal companion, who is fond of a frequent nap and an occasional booty scratch! When not scratching Nilla’s booty, she also enjoys spending time with friends, reading, and movies. In the future, she aspires to attend graduate school and study neuropsychology. In the mean time however, she’s loved her first year and a half at Pet City because of the amazing pups she cares for, and the incredible people she works with!



Originally from Arizona, Chloe joined the Pet City team with a love for animals. She grew up with a Basset Hound named Jack and a cat named Charlie. Now, she has two Dachshunds named Snoopy and Willie. As a member of the Pet City team, Chloe loves working with the puppies, as well as her awesome co-workers! In addition to her love for pets, Chloe also enjoys skiing and camping. She would like to continue working with pets as much as possible in the future.



Originally from California, Darian joined the Pet City team with a lot of experience with pets. She has a German Shepherd mix named Maybell, a French Bulldog named Samson, a short hair cat, and a Siamese cat. Here at Pet City, Darian enjoys keeping the animals happy and healthy before sending them home with the perfect family. In the future, she would like to either breed puppies or work at a vet clinic. Outside of work, Darian’s interests include fish, gaming, drawing, and spending time with her dogs and cats.

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Allie is originally from the Bay Area of California and has come to Fort Collins to pursue her passion by studying social work. She shares her time here with her two dogs, a German Shepherd, and a spaniel mix, as well as her ball python and leopard geckos. While not working or studying, Allie also enjoys horseback riding, traveling, and baking! During her first eight months at Pet City, she has gained an appreciation for the store due to her coworkers and the welcoming environment they create together… and the puppies I suppose!



Emma has loved her first half-year at Pet City, citing “all the cute puppies!” When not admiring the pups, she also enjoys many activities, such as soccer, thrifting, and hikes. She has left her hometown of Beaverton, OR to come to Fort Collins and study to become an occupational therapist. She boasts a wide breadth of animal experience, with Luna the golden retriever and Milo the cat at home in Oregon, as well as past pets including various small animals and reptiles. She even has a cute little kitten from Pet City, Finnigan!