When I first went to Pet City in the Foothills Mall almost 10 years ago, I wasn’t even considering purchasing a dog. My son and I simply went in to look at and play with the puppies, while wasting some time at the mall. But there he was — a white, little fluff ball with black eyes and an even blacker nose who kept placing his paws on the glass every time we came to look.
I was hooked.
After some back and forth, we made the decision to bring him home. Yes, I was concerned about buying from a pet store — having heard the horror stories of puppy mills and the stores they serve. I wondered if the dog I already fell for would be riddled with health or behavioral problems. But I took the chance. And have never regretted it; not for a single moment.

Gilmour, our Eskipoo, has been nothing but a delight. Even at 10 years old, he’s healthy, happy, energetic, and well-behaved. We’ve never experienced any problems with physical or psychological issues and he was a breeze to train. His temperament is near perfect and he’s been a great companion to everyone in our family. Anyone who has met my dog has fallen for his spunk and his charm in the same way I did.

I have to give credit to Pet City. If they weren’t responsible and conscientious about the animals they procure, choosing to partner with only the most reputable breeders, I don’t believe we would have the success we have with Gilmour. He’s found his forever home and I’ve found the best pet I’ve ever had the joy of owning.
I will be going to Pet City when looking to add to our family again. I implore anyone looking to responsibly own a pet to consider shopping local for a cat or dog. You may just find the quality you expect and deserve right here in Fort Collins.

Teresa H.