Want a pet but prefer one that is as independent and self-reliant as it is loving and playful? If your lifestyle, personality and home are not prepared for the work of training and caring for a new puppy, a cat or other small animal may just be the answer.

Cats and Kittens for Sale

Known for quickly alternating between non-sociable loners and cuddly extroverts, cats keep their owners on their toes. Those who prefer the company of cats over dogs understand the delight of never knowing what their cat will do next.
At Pet City, we appreciate the unique draw of a kitten and do what we can to ensure that the cat you take home is healthy and happy. We screen the background and health history of all of our felines, just as meticulously as we do for the puppies we offer. Offering kittens from CFA- or TICA-registered breeders, Pet City is Fort Collins’ local choice for pedigreed and household pet cats.

Small Animals for Sale

Many families see caring for small animals as a great stepping stone toward owning a cat or dog; others simply prefer these alternative pets. Just as fun, affectionate, and playful, these animals can be just as great of an addition to the family, as any puppy or kitten.
At Pet City, we routinely offer a variety of small animals as household pets, including:

  • Rabbits
  • Guinea pigs
  • Hamsters
  • Chinchillas
  • Ferrets

Again, we’re committed to ensuring the health of every animal we offer, keeping your safety, health, and happiness as a priority at all times. Find out how fulfilling using a local pet store really can be by visiting our Fort Collins location today.

Check back soon for your future family member!